Stylish Coffee Tables For Your Saloon

The notion of low occasional tables as a superyacht interiors essential as opposed to a knickknack has been gaining traction in the design world. They possess all the classic virtues – utility, sturdiness and beauty and while being a practical piece of furniture, they can function as a statement centerpiece for your living room too. […]

How to design a superyacht gym

Where to put it? How big to make it? What to put in it? Cecile Gauert puts the experts through their paces to discover how to create onboard exercise heaven. A gymnasium on board a yacht used to be the preserve of a select few, and were always found down below. One of the first […]

Luxury Tableware For Your Property

Creating the perfect tablescape on board a superyacht is quite the challenge, whether you’re looking to create a themed dinner, match a colour scheme or just create the appearance of utmost luxury, the right crockery, glassware and accessories are essential. We’ve rounded up some luxurious pieces befitting all superyachts, including some sea-inspired pieces for the […]

Furnish your outdoor with Sunbrella fabrics

While stunning interiors are essential for every superyacht, few spaces truly get used quite as often as a yacht’s al frescoareas. Be it the sundeck, beach club or aft deck dining area, yachts are all about outdoor living and, thanks to internationalfabrics brand Sunbrella, there is now no need to compromise your interior design aesthetic […]

Celebrating Everyday Moments with a Creative Tablescape

We should be celebrating everyday moments: A creative tablescape helps do just that. 2020 has been many things, but there’s never been a stronger contender for the Year of Staying In. Confined to our homes by something largely out of our control, we’ve spent more time than ever at our own dinner table (or kitchen […]

Down vs. Feather: What’s The Difference?

AtFiona ́s Atelier we are aware that not everyone is going to purchase their pillows from us. However, we do realize how personal pillows are and truly wish everyone would sleep better. So we figure if everyone understood the difference between a feather pillow and a down pillow and a «down cluster» and how feather […]

Artistic design: Tim Heywood discusses on board artwork installation

Installing artworks on your yacht can be a logistical challenge, but the results can light up any interior and add immeasurable character, says the leading British designer Award-winning superyacht designer Tim Heywood’s reputation precedes him. One third of the triumvirate of leading British designers who learnt their trade under Jon Bannenburg(see alsoAndrew Winchand Terence Disdale), […]

Caring for Your Linens

Washing your sheets Pre-wash your sheets before using to ‘set the threads’, which helps prevent pilling. Always wash linens in like colors together, and separately from products containing polyester or other synthetics, or those with metal zippers to avoid pilling and abrasion. Meaning: don’t wash your sheets with jeans. Wash sheets in warm water, not […]

Thread Counts And Quality Cotton: The Unvarnished Truth

Consumers are being duped by false claims of high quality, high thread count sheets and bedding. Wondering what to believe and who to trust, they’re asking: “How can you tell the difference between truly ‘fine linens’, and those that aren’t?” Price as an Indicator of Quality It’s a fact: there’s no such thing as a […]