Celebrating Everyday Moments with a Creative Tablescape

We should be celebrating everyday moments: A creative tablescape helps do just that.

2020 has been many things, but there’s never been a stronger contender for the Year of Staying In. Confined to our homes by something largely out of our control, we’ve spent more time than ever at our own dinner table (or kitchen island, or breakfast nook). We’ve turned to Seamless or easy weekend recipes when restaurant meals became distant memories.

Cancelled festivities and virtual holiday meals may be putting a damper on your creative table setting efforts. But we’d encourage you to reconsider. In fact, there may be no better time to indulge in a thoughtfully-laid table. Here’s why …

Turning Home Into a Destination

Like all the best creative pursuits, laying a special tablescape involves a certain amount of dreaming, pulling disparate sources of creative inspiration into one new story. In turn, a table laid with a deliberate array of linens, plates, glasses, and accessories invites its guests to dream. It transports them from the dining room, if only for a moment.

So, at a time when leaving the home may be a luxury, why not turn the table into a destination within its walls?

This doesn’t have to mean splurging on matching sets or dusting off your grandmother’s fine china. We believe in mixing the tablescape with elements of fun. Scatter hints of seashells among blue-and-white plates for a visual trip to the beach. Conjure the deco era with graphic patterns. Brighten up the haze of a rainy day with kicky-colored placemats and floral accents.

Establishing Routine

As anyone who entered a new state of working-from-home this year can attest, it’s easy for the lines between work and life (and school, and socializing, and so on and so on) to blur. Without the delineation of designated spaces, it all becomes tedious and dull.

Instead of pushing your laptop to one side of the dining table to make room for a paper plate of dinner atop a pile of papers, create an intentional experience out of your meals. You have to eat, after all—why not enjoy it? Pausing to set the table and purposefully engaging in a meal on its own (not while typing, skyping, or studying) creates a sense of routine in the day. It will also give you renewed energy for the work that remains afterwards.

Plus, if you opt for tabletop accessories you love, you don’t necessarily have to undertake the additional chore of stowing them away when mealtime is over. Stored in a bowl on the table, beaded napkin rings can make a permanent centerpiece. A stack of fringed coasters add a colorful accent to a coffee table while staying in easy reach for meals or cocktail hour.

Finding Gratefulness

When the world feels turned upside down, pausing for a meal might be the best way to remind ourselves of what we do have. If you’ve got a table—no matter the size or location—and food to eat on it, there’s certainly no better time to feel thankful for those simplicities. Some may call the kitchen the heart of the home, but we say it’s the table. Ultimately, setting creative tablescapes for the ones you care about—whether it’s a family of eight or just yourself—might be the best way to show that gratitude.


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