Members of Fiona's Atelier team

Gemma LLoan

Gemma holds a degree in Economics, an MBA in Finance from Utrecht University, and has studied at Harvard Business College. She started her career in

Sara Acosta

Sara has 25 years experience in management and in the hospitality industry. She is exceptional at public relations and has a passion for decoration. She

Manoli Torrente

Manoli has a Degree in Finance  by EADA Business School, and a Master Degree in Corporate Management, as well as a degree in PNL.With more than

Andrea Badia

Andrea holds degrees both in Marketing and Fashion Design, and has extensive experience in the hospitality textile industry in the Caribbean, where her family owned

Ching Yi Liu

Ching Yi holds a Bachelor´s Degree in Art, and Spanish Literature. She came to Spain to promote bilateral trade between Taiwan and Spain but stayed


Vivian Alegre

Vivian was born in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, she holds a University degree in Accounting. Her 2 years old baby takes all her free time


Paloma Mayon

Paloma holds a bachelor’s degree in law. She is our Corporate Assistant, she just moved to Barcelona from Buenos Aires, in pursuit of a new lifestyle

Ege Yıldız

Ege Yıldız

Ege Yıldız is a Turkish architect and had experience in luxury yachts, superyachts and renovation projects about interior design, project follow-up and architectural project management.


Cristina Llevat

Our art advisor, Cristina Llevat, is a professional interior designer and stylist. She has a fine arts degree and further doctoral studies from the University