What we offer

ONE STOP SOURCE: We are a single point of contact and billing for all your purchases, avoiding bureaucracy, payments, banking fees, and multiple transport costs by eliminating the need to use multiple suppliers.

SHIPPING COSTS: We allow you to save on shipping costs by consolidating orders and benefiting from our partnerships with couriers and cargo companies.

ADVISE: We have built an extensive list of recommended equipment. We can provide you with checklists to ensure that nothing is forgotten.

BILLING SERVICE, INVENTORY & REORDERING: You can ask any time for your invoices and quotes. You will not have to deal with hundreds of suppliers when you need to reorder. We can create an inventory for anything you buy, to ensure that when re-ordering, it is easy to locate the specific item again (code, brand, color etc).

BULK PURCHASING: As we buy for our various customers, this affords us greater buying power and greater discounts that we can pass on to you.

STORAGE: If you have a storage problem, or you are unsure of your next port of call, we can arrange storage and ship whenever it is convenient for you. Even if you do not have space or you are unsure about your itinerary. It is helpful to keep extra inventory ready to ship when required.

We look forward to having the opportunity to work for you,

Fiona’s Atelier Team

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